CH *B Sun-Kissed SKW Shaquielle

3/18/99(deceased) AT1113310

Shaq at 2yrs old

++*B Dairy Delight HAC Whintin
7-04 EX92 EEE

++*B GCH Sun-Kissed Razzddw Whinchezter
6-00 EX92 EEE
GCH Sun-Kissed Madame Razz 3*M
8-02 EX93 EEEE

++*B GCH Sun-Kissed Razz's Regal Ra
3-03 EX92 EEE

GCH Sun-Kissed Ra's Shaniqua 4*M
6-01 EX92 EEEE
GCH Sun-Kissed Tanami 3*M
5-01 EX92 EEEE

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Show Record:

2 Best Buck in Show Wins
4 Grand Champion Wins
7 Best of Breed Wins
3 Reserve Champion Wins

Semen available upon request

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