GCH Lesniak-Hill MW Manny

L1528003 03/02/09

5th place 5&6yr old LaMancha at 2014 ADGA National Show

2013 Big E GCH & BOB

2012 Booneville, NY

GCH One*Oak*Hill MAC Tumble Weed

Lesniak-Hill MAC Sea Weed
CH Lesniak-Hill GH Ariel

Little-Rainbow LOB Sebastian

CH Lesniak-Hill LS Memory
Lesniak-Hill BM Licorcie

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Show Record:

Reserve Grand Champion at the 2011 New York State Fair
13th place two year old milker at the 2011 ADGA Nationals
2nd place yearling milker at the 2010 New York State Fair

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